Sample water demand depending on application is shown below.
It should be taken into consideration that the demand may differ depending on the economic and geographical development, therefore the data presented below should be used for informative purposes to assist in the selection of the device. In order to pump water from intakes with surface pumps, negative pressure (so-called suction) is required.

In order to assist in the selection of the device, the factors that affect the suction height are presented below:
• Altitude: atmospheric pressure decreases with increasing altitude.
• Flow: the higher the flow rate through the pump, the lower the negative pressure created by the pump.
• Water temperature: the higher the water temperature, the lower the suction capacity.
• Losses: not only the vertical section on which the water surface is located but also the horizontal section should be taken into account.

The height above sea level at which the pump operates is also very important.

Conversion factors for plumbing