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TURBOWENT TUZ B - Chimney Cowl

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Rotary chimney cowl TURBOWENT WITH EXTERNAL BEARINGS is a device which, in a dynamic way, uses force of the wind to increase chimney draught. The turbine always rotates in the same direction no matter of the wind strength or its direction. It is to be mounted on gravitation based combustion chimney duct endings, esspecialy on individual and multi storey housing. Special construction of the bearing system prevents it from overheating or damaging cause of acids.Maximum withstand temperature: 250°C

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€ 134.99


Turbowent TUZ B Rotary Chimney Cowl Dimension

The Turbowent with external bearings is a chimney cowl which uses the wind's force to improve the chimney draught. The "turbine" always rotates in the same direction, independent of the strength or the direction of the wind. The Turbowent arranges an ideal combustion and besides it protects the chimney from outside influences like rain or snow. As the ball bearings lay outside, the flue's influence is minimised and there is the possibility to use the chimney cowl also with gas-fired installations.Maximum withstand temperature: 250°C


  • when there are wind fluctuations on the chimney duct ending, caused by its bad location
  • when there is an unfavorable terrain configuration, with strong and frequent winds
  • when there is a lack of chimney draught or it is too weak
  • in order to improve the natural (gravitation) ventilation.





oil / gas

not for




Dimension D dz H h1 A B d1 R
Ø150 260 152 402 60 - - - 165
Ø200 320 200 471 60 - - - 195

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Additional Information


Turbowent  Rotary Chimney Cowl Efficiency

Material Chrome-Nickel
Guarantee 2 Years
Dispatch Time 5 days
Type Rotary
Size Ø150, Ø200
Destination Roof, Chimney
Bearing ball
Manufacturer DARCO

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